The introduction of Computerized Accounts: Learn techniques how to operate any Accounting Software’s advanced excel, quick book, and the peach tree. Learn the Complete theory of manual and computer accounts.If you want to learn tally or any other accounting software this course will be very helpful to understand the computerized accounting.

My name is Saman Asif. Welcome to computerized accounting course.As you know that accounting is a skill in which business transactions is recorded.Data is converted into grouping and with the help of grouping data is summarized and it generates different reports.With of help of these reports business financial position is analyzed.At start, accounting is done manually but with the technological advancement now all accounting work has been converted to computerized.At present, many accounting Softwares have been made and operating in all over the world.After learning this course you will be able to convert all type of business manual accounts into computerized.So why are you waiting for, this course is few clicks away.

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